Uzbekistan is not only the Pearl of the East with its colorful sights and amazing oriental cuisine however also the leading Central Asian region in the field of business tourism. Business tourism in Uzbekistan is able to provide extensive opportunities to strengthen business ties, create new relationships and start fruitful cooperation in various fields – economics, investment, trade, manufacturing, development of new technologies and much more. You may wonder why Uzbekistan? Business tourism is an industry which is actively developing in the local tourism service market. Combining cultural and business programs, we will defuse the atmosphere and make it more comfortable and relaxed, we will introduce a special national flavor that will have a beneficial effect on your event. Besides, Uzbekistan is the birthplace of Tamerlane who was famous not only for the outstanding abilities of a warrior and commander, but was also an excellent diplomat. Its cultural heritage is carefully preserved by the people, and the spirit of wisdom and respect for knowledge is forever preserved in the walls of cities.


The market and the corporate world are constantly evolving, and previously unknown concepts and formats are coming to Uzbekistan, including MICE.  “What is this?”  This is the perfectly logical question that our potential customers ask when they see a new abbreviation.

M.I.C.E. – This is a concept that combines all formats of business events:

• Meetings – these are business meetings, various meetings in which both the leaders and employees of one company and representatives of different organizations take part;

• Incentives – events that serve as a tool of stimulating and encouraging employees, customers and partners;

• Conferences – industry or corporate conferences, forums, congresses and other similar events;

• Exhibitions – events which are organized in order to present the brand, products, new developments to a wide audience. These are all kinds of exhibitions, press tours and festivals.

The listed formats are rarely found in their pure form as most often within the framework of business tourism combine several diverse events and goals.

MICE corporate events are prestigious. They benefit the company and its employees, give the opportunity to find new partners, not limited to one region or a country, present products and brand on the international market.

Performing MICE events solves a number of issues – these are meetings with partners and unobtrusive brand promotion, participation in image events, either they are exhibitions or conferences, an excellent incentive for individual employees and the whole team. The solution of business issues within the framework of business tourism can be combined with training, development, motivation of specialists working in your company.

M.I.C.E. is a business tourism that will bring much more benefit to a brand, business, team than a traditional working trip. You can verify this yourself.

Our company has no boundaries and does not limit its customers. We work throughout Uzbekistan and the whole Central Asian region. The only question is timing and budget.

Top Star Tour Company will make sure that all the events within your trip are held at the highest level. We will help you choose the location, develop a travel program, provide equipment you need, provide team of high-quality translators, and calculate the cost of your trip. Our staff has an extensive experience in organizing trips: issuing visas, booking rail and air tickets, hotel rooms, transfer and meals, as well as other organizational issues, we will take care of.

We organize the most unusual M.I.C.E. events in Central Asian region to address business issues and teambuilding events. You will find an original and memorable trip that will bring unforgettable sensations and outstanding results.

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