TCP aims to provide a global Internet infrastructure that creates a true blockchain 4.0 era.

Blockchain technology is considered to be the fifth core technology with the most potential to trigger a disruptive revolution in productivity and production relations after steam engine, power, information and Internet technology. Since the birth of the blockchain technology represented by Bitcoin in 2009, the technology has made great progress and has received more and more attention and recognition. Especially in recent years, blockchain technology has become the focus of global attention. 

What is TCP?
The clown card Capital Public Chain is a public chain technology discovered by a group of anonymous Tarot fans on the community forum. Therefore, it is named the clown card Capital Public Chain. "The clown card Capital Public Chain" wallet (hereinafter referred to as "TCP") "TCP" wallet is a decentralized, multi-layer token system supported, and Localization de-centering multi-chain DAPP+. At present, "TCP" wallet mainly focuses on asset management, building the whole chain DAPP application ecology +, incubating massive DAPP and multi-dimensional ecological cooperation through TCPLabs to explore the market and establish industry awareness. Both bitcoin and Ethereum are based on a chain structure, enabling a new technology that is decentralized, peer-to-peer, and irreversible. However, this chain structure often faces new challenges when facing business expansion.  For example, the problem of block storage, transaction speed, too much data, single node storage pressure, etc. Whereas, TCP is a graph-based implementation. The reason why directed rings are not allowed is because directed acyclic graphs (abbreviated as: directed acyclic graph) can ensure the order of node transactions, and the main chain can be found through the effective path described above. If there is a directed loop, the system will be disordered. If there is no directed ring, there can be multiple effective paths connecting each vertex in a directed acyclic graph.  Therefore, directed acyclic graph can be said to be more perfect, it is a powerful new generation block chain structure. 

TCP is a decentralized system that allows tamper proof storage of arbitrary data, including data of transferable value, such as currency, property rights, debt, shares, etc. These storage units are linked to each other, and each storage unit includes a hash value of one or more early storage units, which is used to verify the early units and establish their partial order relationship. A directed acyclic graph (directed acyclic graph) is formed between linked units. A single central entity that does not manage or coordinate the entry of new units into the database, allowing everyone to add new units as long as he or she signs and pays a fee equal to the size of the bytes of added data. Other later users confirm the early unit through the hash value in their unit and charge for it. With the addition of new units, each early unit, including its hash value, directly or indirectly receives more and more acknowledgments from later units. 

Application scenario of TCP
The application scenarios of TCP mainly include three parts:
(1) Digital currency
Digital currency mainly involves the issuance of third-party assets, crowdfunding, etc. Based on TCP public chain, third-party assets can be issued. At the same time, the application of digital monetary assets such as crowdfunding can be realized in the chain.

(2) Pan financial application
Pan finance refers to not only the traditional financial industry, but also the closely related industries, such as asset management companies, related investment consulting companies, etc. Based on TCP, various pan financial applications can be realized, such as cross-border payment, supply chain finance, and digital bill. At the same time, asset securitization, bank credit investigation, supply chain finance, insurance business, etc. can be further achieved.

(3) Non financial application
Non financial application TCP can achieve the direct transaction between multiple points and the processing of all information, improve efficiency, save transaction costs and create credit, which is conducive to promoting the development of non-financial applications.
The non-financial applications that TCP can realize mainly include medical treatment, Internet of Things, IP copyright culture entertainment, and public service education, etc. 

Plan of TCP development
The TCP product route is divided into two stages: platform development and application promotion. In the platform development stage, through four rounds of iterative upgrading, the final TCP product is implemented according to the project vision and enters the application promotion stage.

Q1 2019-Project Launch
Q2 2019-Super Node Campaign
Q3 2019-Test online TCP version 1.0, decentralized wallet online, including DAG mining, double-layer consensus, anonymous P2P communication and intelligent contract functions, and release supporting software.
Q4 2019-Expand TCP's DAG to HashNet, improve TCP platform capacity and transaction confirmation speed to millions of TPS, and launch TCP version 2.0.
Q1 2020-Turing's complete intelligent contract will be developed based on version 2.0, inter-blockchain communication and multi-chain integration will be realized, and TCP version 3.0 will be launched.
Q2 2020-The encryption algorithm, signature algorithm and hash algorithm in version 3.0 will be replaced, anonymous privacy protection based on zero-knowledge proof and ring signature will be added, and TCP version 4.0 (DAPP1.0) will be launched.

Q1 2021-Running Offline Data Analysis Market Starting from the release of TCPDAPP1.0 version 1.0 in 2021, TCP platform will be implemented in application scenarios such as landing medical care, Internet of Things, cultural entertainment, public services and education, and the use of TCP platform in other application fields will be promoted. 
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