Travelers May Now Rent A Bus In Phoenix With US Coachways This Festive Season

December 06, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Staten Island, NY based US Coachways is pleased to announce that their customers may now charter a bus through their service in order to see more of Phoenix, Arizona during this festive season. Given that the company books more than 20,000 charter bus trips every year, they have a wealth of experience ensuring that travelers have every opportunity to enjoy their time on the road.

Phoenix, as the fifth largest city in the USA, is a large, sprawling community. Its desert location has allowed it to grow with few relative restrictions, and it has great galleries, museums and other kinds of entertainment. It also has great shops and restaurants and many sports venues, including golf courses. However, this means that getting around easily may be both time consuming and stressful for visitors.

US Coachways CEO Ed Telmany says, “People are finding that having the trip organized on one bus, with all their luggage together for the whole trip, is a great plus. People like that they can put their luggage on the bus and keep it with them, which means nothing is lost in transfers. They have it right there with them on the bus, and the bus can take them to exactly the place where they want to go, and often drop them at the door.” Learn more here: Phoenix Bus Rental.

This is one reason that a charter bus is a great way to organize group trips—it means that the group has the ability to travel together. Furthermore, visitors can go exactly where they want to visit by customizing the trip. With a charter bus, a special interest group can move easily between parts of this sprawling city to visit the places they consider to be of most interest. So, rather than having to choose from prepackaged itineraries, the trip can be tailor-made according to their preferences and requirements.

Another reason that groups may consider a coach trip instead of flying is environmental impact. Charter bus rentals are much better for the environment than air travel. Traveling together on the same bus also helps reduce the number of vehicles on the roads. That means fewer emissions, which in turn helps the planet. The company works hard to have a positive impact on the environment. With 20,000 trips taken on an average distance of 350 miles for fifty-five passengers, US Coachways states on their blog that it would have taken fourteen vehicles to carry as many passengers as a single bus. The company has worked out that using group bus charters has kept 260,000 cars off the road, thereby stopping those emissions from reaching the atmosphere.

In Phoenix, where the traffic can be challenging at any hour, another advantage is that the tour bus can take advantage of HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lanes. This allows buses to get through heavy traffic, avoiding delays and hastening their arrival at their destination, wherever it may be.

In fact, it is a huge advantage that there is no formal “check in” procedure. Travelers do not need to think about metal jewelry, take off their shoes, worry about packing liquids, or even switch their phone to a special mode for the journey. US Coachways has good contacts with charter bus service providers nationwide and so have access to a wide range of vehicles. Telmany observes, “When travelers book with us, we consider everything related to their trip: the number of people, the length of the trip, and what the travelers need to bring and take home with them, too. For example, we take into account whether the group is carrying sports equipment, or is likely to be purchasing souvenirs. Whatever the special needs of a tour group, we can make sure they are comfortable and have plenty of space.”

Another reason that charter bus travel is becoming increasingly popular is that delays and cancelations are not as frequent as with other forms of transport. Charter buses from US Coachways are known to reliably show up on time in contrast to other modes of travel, where delays and cancellations are fairly frequent. Charter buses are more flexible as well; should one break down, replacements are more likely to be available. If there are problems on the highways, the bus driver can use modern technology to identify delays and find alternative routes to avoid them.

Those who want to rent a bus in Arizona may call the company toll free directly from their website to get started. The website also contains all the information a traveler would need to plan their trip with US Coachways.


For more information about US Coachways, contact the company here:

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