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December 06, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Twin Cities PC Repair, a business based in Eagan, Minnesota, has added an informative post to their blog on the topic of dealing effectively with computer viruses. Having recently been awarded the 2019 Best of Eagan Award in the Computer Repair Service category, the company’s expertise in the field allows them to share information on a broad range of topics in the PC world.

In the article, Patrick Jensen of Twin Cities PC Repair compares computer viruses to human viruses and argues that it is important to not just stop viruses from infecting computers, but to clean up thoroughly so that they cannot cause more issues later. He points out that off-the-shelf antivirus products are excellent at finding viruses, but they are less efficient at fixing the problems viruses may have caused prior to being uncovered.

Antivirus products do their detection work mostly via three methods: by categorizing the actions that the code in the program drives as malicious or benign, inspecting file signatures against known virus signatures and by scanning for rootkits that interfere with or change how an operating system functions. When a virus is identified by an antivirus program, it will isolate it and delete it. However, if the virus has already mutated or installed itself into the operating system—for example, before it is found—it can do all kinds of damage.

In the blog Jensen makes an analogy between a person being sick and a computer system being infected with viruses. He says that if someone with a cyst consults a physician to get it removed, they may then go on to consult a specialist to check that the perhaps cancerous causes of the cyst are investigated and dealt with if necessary. Similarly, he maintains, a virus could re-infect the computer if its source is not dealt with.

It is important for businesses and individuals to be able to trust that they are safe from viruses and that any that infections are dealt with swiftly and completely. Jensen emphasize that, to ensure this, they would need to follow up any incidents of virus infection with a check up from a professional virus removal provider. Fortunately, Twin Cities PC Repair is able to take on such projects; they offer a specialist service in the Twin Cities and their surrounding areas, in addition to a wide variety of computer and tablet services. They are able to address both hardware and software problems for their customers.

It is the nature of computer viruses that they evolve and change. Jensen highlights that this makes it hard to deal with such infections, and this is why it is best to consult a professional when dealing with such situations. He points to a recent strain of malware, SquirtDanger, which let hackers take screenshots, capture personal passwords, download files, and empty cryptocurrency wallets. Another feature of modern viruses is that they can change computer settings, one common virus changes the DNS—this will make on your computer go to a different IP address. At the new location, cyber criminals might be waiting to steal personal data. To the user it looks exactly like Google, but it is unsafe. Getting rid of the virus infection will not automatically rid the system of these settings.

Jensen says his blogging on this subject is intended to spread an important message so people can be safer when they work on computers. He says, “It is important that if you detect a virus on your computer that you consult a professional. Your computer is vital to you, whether you use it for a business or personal use. We all know that there is so much on our computers that is crucial in our lives and businesses, so it is risky to simply trust antivirus software. Too much is at stake; sometimes the system might not be safe without a full reinstallation of the operating system. You need an expert to judge what is lurking there and how to make it safe.”

Elaborating further, Jensen says that keeping a computer free of viruses, spyware and other problems is not a task that should not be viewed in isolation. It is part of keeping a device, such as a computer or tablet, healthy. Likewise, Twin Cities PC Repair does not only offer services around virus removal and system restoration, they offer many other services to keep PCs and systems running smoothly. For example, they offer hardware and software installation services, helping customers choose and install the right software for their particular needs. Another service offered is a business-class data backup solution. The services offered come at reasonable prices, from computer repair to virus removal.

Those who wish to learn more are welcome to visit the company’s website and access the blog, which contains many other informative articles. Interested parties may contact Patrick Jensen directly to inquire after their services in greater detail as well.


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