Walmart Subsidizing Some Vendors In Price War With Amazon

October 21, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Sunsella, a business based in Las Vegas, Nevada, has announced that Walmart is subsidizing merchants in its efforts to offer lower prices and compete with Amazon. The world’s biggest retailer has launched a program to temporarily reduce the price of some items on its marketplace site, where third-party vendors pay Walmart a fee for listing their items. In the newly launched Walmart program, the merchants selling on the retailer’s site will still be paid the same amount that was listed before the price cuts, with Walmart subsidizing the difference.

Walmart’s move is likely to be in response to a program introduced by Amazon over the summer where it has complete control of setting the prices of third-party products sold on the Amazon marketplace, in return for a small payout. Meanwhile, Amazon has been criticized for depending on vendors to make sure that their products will not be offered at a lower price on the Walmart website or any other competing e-commerce site.

The price war comes on the heals of the US Federal Trade Commission’s decision to look into the business practices of Amazon, where it has been alleged that Amazon is using its clout to suppress competition. According to data tracker eMarketer, Amazon currently controls almost 40 percent of the United States e-commerce market, which is projected to reach $587 billion this year. In response, Amazon pointed out that it only controls 4 percent of the whole U.S. retail market.

According to Walmart, their new Competitive Price Adjustment program will be applied only to certain sellers and specific items only. Customers will be able to take advantage of a short window of significant discounts, but some might get disappointed when the prices return to their previous levels. There is also the potential problem where shoppers may complain against manufacturers because they bought an item at a higher price elsewhere. However, Walmart seeks to be more creative as the price war heats up as the holiday season approaches.

Walmart’s new pricing plan appears to be similar to a previous plan introduced by Amazon two years ago. This was known as “Discount Provided by Amazon,” where they cut the prices of third-party products for a certain period, then paid the seller the difference between the discounted and listed price. Vendors were motivated to participate in such programs because they get the most prominent positioning on the Amazon site, which is known as “winning the buy box.”

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